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You Book a reservation via our  reservations page or by phone. We will ask for a few relevant details, including your flight information  

and your destination address. Our booking representative will send you a confirmation email. Then you can relax knowing you are in capable hands.

We will  monitor your flight to ensure that your private shuttle is waiting for you when you land. 

Upon your arrival, your driver will contact you via text or phone call to provide you with instructions for your pickup. Typically we will meet you at door #10 for most Delta flights and door #6 for all other 

airlines. (Each exit door near baggage claim will be labeled with a number from 1 to 13). If your driver is picking you up curbside, do not cross the street, you will be picked up right outside the door, in the ORANGE ZONES only (the areas where the curbs are painted orange). Your private shuttle will have a Wasatch Shuttle logo on the side window. Get in and get comfortable while your driver loads your luggage. During your trip please feel free to request, adjustments to the temperature, music, or additional stops.

                         (please see rates page for pricing information on additional stops)

*All pick-ups and drop-offs between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am will include an after hours fee of $20 per shuttle.

*All reservations made or changed within 24 hours of pick-up will include a expedited booking fee of $20. 

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